Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These walls we share.

When there's no time to think and all I can do is blink
Memories become more than just a story
Life becomes real and I can hardly keep up
There's no time to stop I can't stop

Why do we hide from what we think we deserve?
Where have our hearts gone?
I can't tell you what's right for you.
Only you know deep down what's wrong.

This isn't a game of life, this is life
Welcome to the wonderful real world
Where only what you believe to be real is real
Where all that you hear are pocketfuls of handcrafted lies

This is for you. This is for me.
This is our life. Why can't you see?
I am me and you are you.
You can't stop me from me.

This constant need for control
Just breathe and let it all go
Dreams are only what we know,
time to let go.


Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: This isn't a response, it's a message to you.

Why do sparkling eyes of a playful gaze capture what's weakest within me?
How does a smile become so pure?
It must come from a beautiful soul.

How do I tell you my hand so longs
To hold tightly, that of my muse?
And how do I tell you my only wish
Is to kiss the sweet lips of serendipity?

What I love the most is the song from your heart
Questions about your life's melody
And oh how I love to play the part
That answers your questions in harmony

I know you and you know me
And together we have felt
The race of our hearts
The loss of our speech
And the weakness that hinders our touch

But why must it be that this happens just now?
Why must opportunity be so inopportune?
So much you don't know
And so much to tell
And so much to build up so soon
(intentionally ambiguous)

If you haven't quite guessed
You'll be extra surprised
When we finally speak in due time
What happens from there
I can only imagine
But I want to find out
If you are the change
That came to me in a sign

So, it's not really a silver platter. More like a bronze platter...if you really don't want to keep guessing:


lindsay.faith said...

I thank you for being super awesome.